nergy EFT Master Practitioner Training

nergy EFT Master Practitioner Training


4-5-6th August 2017


10am to 5.30 pm

About This Event

The stresses of life disturb how we function as a human being, how we think, how we feel, how we relate, how we perform. EFT Emotional Freedom Technique also known as energy tapping is a simple technique for removing blockages in our emotional energy, and increasing our positive emotions and energy flow experienced through sensations and feelings in the body.   Success and happiness in life is all about energy flow. Managing our energy a skill we can all learn for a happier life for self help and for professionals.

International Trainer Sandra Hillawi invites you to attend the two level Energy EFT Master Practitioner Training to learn and explore all about energy and emotion, how to change yourself, how to discover and understand why we react as we do, and how to make lasting changes. You will learn a range of approaches enabling you to explore all kinds of problems in yourself and in your clients.  This course will lead you to become a confident logical skill-full and empathic practitioner of Energy EFT to be able to help clients and yourself not only to feel better, but to really evolve and grow spiritually accessing their full potential.

Fdn Day:  Introducing Energy EFT, Getting More Energised, Problem Solving, Friends & Family
Day 1:  The New Goal +10, Releasing Energy Body Stress, Healing The Story, The Professional
Day 2: Extremely Focussed Treatments, Safety and Memories, Emotions, Energy Body Events
Day 3: Mind Changes, Energetic Relationships, Autogenic Reality, The Master Practitioner

Suitable for people looking to help themselves to feel better and discover their potential and especially for those who help others in a professional capacity.

Certification as an Energy EFT Master Practitioner awarded on completion subject to achieving 45 core skills with 1 year professional licence and membership of The Guild of Energists  Fee: £645 includes, manual, certificate, 4 days training and light refreshments. B&B available.
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