Yoga/Autumn Equinox 2018

Yoga/Autumn Equinox 2018


Saturday 22nd September


10am to 1pm

About This Event

Autumn Equinox/Goddess Inanna Yoga and Meditation Workshop,

As we arrive at this time of harvest and the season turning let us pause to appreciate the bounty in our lives. The goddess Inanna is known as the Queen of Heaven and Earth and is a unifying force of opposite.

She is the goddess of love, but also war. Light and dark, life and death, earth and sky, sexuality and sacredness. She was as both a woman and a goddess. Some of the earliest documents that exist on clay tablets and in cuneiform are written about her.

In this morning of yoga and meditation we will explore how we balance our own opposing forces; a need for stability but freedom too, pride and humility, productivity and peace. Our yoga will focus on balance (internal and external) and gratitude.

We will take part in a simple ritual to mark the Autumn Equinox and meditate on what questions or intentions we will take in to the metaphorical cave of autumn and winter as we embrace this change in the seasons.

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