Holistic Yoga 2017

Holistic Yoga 2017


Saturday 7th October


10am to 1pm

About This Event

How often have you pushed too far in a yoga position to the point where your muscles are clenching and your hurting because you secretly think you might be the laziest person in the class if you don’t? Not to mention that it’ll feel oh so good when you come out of it and maybe you can convince yourself that that’s what hard work looks like. 

Or perhaps your pain of choice of different, you mentally terrorise yourself with worst case scenarios and negative fantasies (been there) believing that if you’ve imagined them then they won’t happen to you?
All this takes us back in time to the slogan from the eighties ‘no pain, no gain’. And it’s just not yogic!

As much as I wear the ‘teacher’ hat I am very much a student myself. A student of yoga, spirituality and life. We’re all here on divine assignment and if we weren’t we wouldn’t be here. I believe that the day we stop growing is the day we stop living. It’s how we relate to it all that’s important and whether or not we show up for our divine assignments or shirk them.

A pioneer and downright amazing teacher (and student) of self-development Louise Hay passed on a couple of weeks ago and I went back to her book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ last week and came across this quote,

“You will be with you longer than anyone else on the planet so make it a good relationship.’ 

So simple, so obvious, such a lot of work.

But really that’s why we show up on the yoga mat, isn’t it? Whether you come to relieve the tightness in your poor tight neck or shift your focus away from the noise of the neurotic mind we all want to feel comfortable in our skin and we all know the work is progressive and ongoing.

I’m grateful that I get to follow a part of the curriculum with you. If like me this stuff really gets your juices flowing you might like to join me next month.
On Saturday 7th October, I’m running a morning workshop (10am-1pm) at Sedgwick Park House(www.sedgwickpark.com) on the theme of self-reflection. We’ll be asking ourselves (on and off the mat) do we learn through pleasure or pain? In which areas do we have learning to do?

In our yoga asana practice we’ll be focusing on the ancient meaning of the poses- the strength and power we can get from warrior pose, how to learn perspective from eagle pose and grace and composure available in dancer pose. If you’ve ever wondered why yogis choose these postures and would like to understand the deeper significance of them this is the workshop for you.

In meditation, we’ll be getting in touch with our inner guidance to re-connect to the deep, peaceful and wise self.
If you’d like to read more about this go to www.alisonstoker.co.uk

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