Sensitive Foodie Karen Lee workshop 2019

Sensitive Foodie Karen Lee workshop 2019


wednesday 23rd. October


10.30 to 3.00 pm

About This Event


How to eat great food even with food intolerances.

Learn how food intolerances might be affecting your health, discover simple changes to make and get hands on experience creating new recipes your body and your tastebuds will love.


Whats happening !!!

10.30 – Welcome and introductions (hot drink and snack), plan for the day

11.00 - Talk on food intolerances: signs and symptoms, causes,

health implications, finding out

11.30 – The importance of gut health: how to care for your microbiome

12.00 – break

12.15 – Cooking session introduction: ingredient alternatives, techniques

12.30 – Cooking session:

Group 1 – Egg replacement: Mini crustless quiches

Group 2 – Dairy replacement: Potato and leek gratin 2 ways

Group 3 – Gluten replacement: Roasted vegetable tart

Group 4 – Yeast/onion/garlic replacement: Rainbow dal

Group 5 – Wheat replacement: Lemon and blueberry loaf

Group 6 – Refined sugar replacement: Apple and date squares

13.30 - Lunch

14.00 – Discussion about replacements, gut healing,

elimination diets and reintroduction

14.30 – Q&A and evaluation

15.00 – Close


Cost - £45

Includes all ingredients, refreshments, recipes and lunch

Contact for more information and to book yourplace. OR


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