EMF Aware Sussex Conference

EMF Aware Sussex Conference


Saturday 8th June 2019


9am to 5pm

About This Event


5G Another Unasked for Experiment

Revealing the risks to ourselve and all life forms Why is Wi-Fi Still In Schools?

Investigating links to childhood cancers and other forms of mental and physical ill health

ASK THE EXPERTS. Should i have a smart Meter? 5G- Is it safe?

Introductions;-  Stuart Deeks and Debbie Fry .  Lectures in the morning and a full afternoon of open clinic. You have a chance to put your questions to our International experts.


Debbie Fry ( dental nurse) talks about her daughter, Jenny’s journey with E.H.S. and her campaign to get Wi-Fi switched off in schools and hospitals.
Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe BMBS                                                                                                                    Founder of PHIRE medical (Physicians’ Health Initiative for Radiation & Environment) Trustee RRT (Radiation Research Trust) Medical Advisor ORSAA (Oceanic Radiofrequency Scienti c Advisory Association) Medical Advisor ESUK and member of IGNIR 5g, Overview of EMF Health Effects and PHIRE 5G Five Facts Initative.
Professor Dominique Belpomme. Professor in Medical Oncology at the Paris University Rene Descartes,  Funding Director of European Cancer and Environment Research Institute-ECERI,  Funding President of the Association for Research and Treatments Against Cancer - ARTAC. Aetiology, diagnosis & management of EHS.

DR Marc Arazi (MD) Co Founderand President of 'Phonegate Alert'  Spokesman for a French NGO 2004-2014, and negotiator for the "Grenelle des ondes" organised by the French government 2009-2013.

Sedgwick Park House and gardens are low signal areas.

Contributions towards expenses, by advance Ticket only £20 or affordable donation,  bursaries available

email: emfawaresussex@gmail.com

Peter - 01935 423002 Bob - 07971 761816 Stuart - 01273 502875

Bring a picnic, tea and coffee available at no extra cost.

Bring a phone if necessary, but please make sure it is switched o at all times and not used in the house or garden, Please leave any wireless devices at home. ere is a landline for taxis and emergencies.

A DVD of the event will be available.

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