Makng Waves/Microwave Radiation 2018

Makng Waves/Microwave Radiation 2018


Sunday 13th May


10.00am to 5pm

About This Event

Masterclass with International Scientists

Microwave radiation is given off not only by microwave ovens, but also by devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops; by gadgets such as WiFi baby monitors, those clever gizmos that find telephone numbers for you and by smart meters. Anything, in fact, that is “WiFi” or “Smart” is giving off microwave radiation which, as increasing numbers of studies show, can trigger a wide number of health issues.

Three international scientists – Dr George Carlo, Professor Olle Johansson and Dr Dimitris J Panagopoulos – are coming together in the lovely (electro-smog free) setting of Sedgwick Park House to simplify the science; to share their considerable knowledge and experience, and to talk about the practical implications of living with these waves, especially as 5G is now being rolled out.

We cannot live without this technology – but we need to be aware of the potential health risks as well as the benefits. What price faster broadband and WiFi? What price your health and wellbeing?

Just 50 places are available for this “up close and personal” event which will also feature a screening of the 2017 documentary film “Generation Zapped”. Tickets are priced at £50.

Advance booking and payment only: contact Judy Sharp on 01444 459 433 or 07597 020 512 for more details, or email her
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