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The property has a fascinating history dating from 1086, when the Park was held, with the Manor of Broadwater, by the Sauvage family, then was later exchanged with de Broase, reverting to their Mowbray heirs, and eventually to the Howards, Dukes of Norfolk.

The house in its current state was built by Mr and Mrs Robert Henderson, and was completed in 1886, to a design created by Ernest George and Harold Peto.

Sir John Bennet c1701 to 1738
Sir John Bennet is believed to have rebuilt, or at least extensively modified the house in the early 18th century and sold it on to the Duke of Richmond in 1738.

Robert Henderson 1862 to 1931
The estate was purchased in the late 19th century by Robert Henderson, a director of the Bank of England. Robert Henderson died in 1895 aged 44 and his widow Emma Henderson continued to live at Sedgwick until her death in 1931 aged 80.

Henry Abbey 1932 to 1944
In 1932 the estate was acquired by William Henry Abbey, the owner of Kemp Town Brewery, and during the thirties he became High Sheriff of Sussex. He died in 1943 and his widow Florence Abbey put the estate up for sale several months after the end of World War II.

Lord Rotherwick 1947 to 1958
In 1947, Lord Rotherwick, the shipping magnate, and one-time director of the Suez Canal became the new owner. Lord Rotherwick was formerly Sir Herbert Cayzer and had been a member of the House of Commons for many years. He was ennobled by George VI in 1938.

Mr Michael Bizony 1959 - 1988
Like many other large estates, Sedgwick Park did not survive the twentieth Century. After the death of Lord Rotherwick in 1958 it was broken up into a number of lots. As far as the main house and gardens were concerned, they were bought in 1959 by Michael Bizony, a book publisher. He lived here happily with his wife and two sons until 1988 when he was forced through serious illness to auction off the main part of the estate, having already sold Dry Buildings, West Sedgwick Park, the Coach House, Fox Cottage and the Laurels.

After Mr Bizony reluctantly moved on, the main house and surrounding gardens were sold and resold to private owners and developers, until purchased in 2001 by John and Clare Davison.

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