Yoga/Saucha Workshop 2017

 Yoga/Saucha Workshop 2017


Saturday 24th June 2017


10am to 1pm

About This Event

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Saucha, the yogic principle of Purity and Clarity

Detoxification is a process that exists in almost every major spiritual tradition- a Shamanic practitioner could choose a sweat lodge, a Christian might abstain for Lent and a Hindu may fast. Why does the practice of detoxification matter? Because we all get our feet dirty sometimes and we occasionally notice that too many dirty feet have trampled through our mind through social media, television or simply indulging in chatter that has turned negative. What is your way of detoxifying? For me nature is a healer, time away from the buzz of life and activity does something soothing to my nervous system. Time on the yoga mat and in meditation is a must and so is spending time with honest, kind and inspiring people.

We'll be focusing on detoxifying the body with our asana practice, giving tratak meditation (candle gazing) a go and discussing ways in which we can keep our energy and therefore our intentions crystal clear. To read more visit

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