Unicorns with Diana Summer 2017

Unicorns with Diana Summer 2017


Saturday 23rd September


10.30 to 5 pm

About This Event


An opportunity to experience the wonder and purity of Unicorns who bring their unique healing, wisdom, and knowledge to share.

We will be journeying, meditating and sharing a deep healing experience as well as looking at how the Unicorn has been in the consciousness for some time now, awakening us all to their presence.  Come and share their amazing beauty and wonder.

Unicorns are seen as mystical and other worldly beings who are now here to bring upliftment to the mind and heart, and be blessed by their presence.  To experience their pure touch which will help clear and cleanse the heart that will enable you to trust and be more present in your oneness with everything.

During the workshop you will be aligned with your Unicorn guide, as well as learning a wonderful healing technique for yourself and others.   Plus much more.

Exchange         £60.00 deposit of £30 to reserve your place, balance due on the day.  Numbers will be limited.

Please send deposit or full amount and make cheques out to Diana Summer, 12 Fairfield Drive, Dorking, RH4 1JH.

To book for this workshop email dianasummer05@AOL.com



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